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In addition to body weight, Mi Body Composition Scale provides accurate body composition statistics that gives you a realistic picture of your health and fitness.


High-precision accuracy which produces accurate stats via a series of complex algorithms and advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA).


Compatible with the Mi Fit app to give you a realistic picture of your health and fitness, can see all your data in one easy-to-read graph - making it easier to track your progress and take control of your activities.


Automatically identifies each family member and can store up to 16 user profiles.


Mi Fit app keep a track of different characteristics of your body composition like body weight, fat percentage, body water percentage and more to provide you with a complete training programme.


To prevent slip and fall, the polished glass features anti-slip finish to ensure a sturdy grip.


Beautifully hidden from view until you step on it for three seconds, the elegant display delivers clear readings using LED lights.

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

SKU: 0057
€41.00 Regular Price
€32.80Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
Colour: White
  • Brand: Xiaomi

    Weight Range: 100g – 150kg

    Reading precision: 50g

    Units: catties, kilograms, pounds (switchable)

    Weight: 1.7kg

    Compatibility: Bluetooth 5.0

    Battery: 4x AAA batteries

    Battery Life: 8 months

    Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 25mm

    Operating ambient temperature: 0-40°C

    Material: tempered glass ABS

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