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Active Noise Cancelling: Built-in with the latest digital imported noise reduction chip. Filters the external environmental sound.


V5.1 Bluetooth Chip: Once the case is opened, the earphones are connected automatically. Makes the earphones more convenient and user friendly.


Battery life: Single Playback time up to 7.5hrs ; With charging bin up to 30hrs.


HD Calls: Built-in ENC call noise reduction function, clearer call.


High Fidelity sound quality: 10mm Large diameter speaker.


Button to open the game low delay mode.


Ergonomic design & comfortable design.

TWS Earphones ANC-E1 - Star Series

SKU: 0119
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  • Brand: Devia

    Model: EM411

    Bluetooth Version: 5.1

    Max noise reduction depth: 30dB

    Game mode delay: 25ms

    Transmission distance: 15m

    Single Playback time: 7.5hrs ; With charging bin: 30hrs

    Weight: 50grms

    Charging interface: Type-C

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